Welcome to Tiber Pubs  
Tiber Pubs, LLC was created to enable new authors to self-publish their works and insights.

Tiber Pubs publishes through Lighting Source, Inc, which is a print on demand (POD) company. Lighting Source owns Ingram Book Group, the largest book wholesaler in the US.

Using a POD company like Lighting Source, authors have access to a large distribution
channel which is essential for having their books accessible to their potential customers.
The following are also excellent reasons for new authors to embark on self-publishing:

  • No need to persuade anyone to stock your book
  • No need to spend time/money on slick book covers
  • Authors can control content of their book
  • Less direct marketing effort
  • Less cost

Authors can also target their books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble which carries more than 20% of the trade book business. Authors are also encouraged to have their books available at local bookstores to support their local businesses.

If you are a new author in the spiritual/self-help area and are seeking advice on how to go
about self-publishing, please do not hesitate to contact Tiber Pubs.

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