Tend to Your
Garden Within
Tend to Your Garden Within

A personal spiritual journey to know self, inspect beliefs,
contemplate life and lead a more joyful life

Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
Tiber Pubs, LLC

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300 pages
Copyright @ 2008 by Shervin Hojat • All Rights reserved
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818969-8-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008908536

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Garden of Life

You own your garden of life.
You can raise gorgeous roses,
or let the weeds take over.

To nourish the roses,
you need mental and spiritual energies.

You have all the tools available
to have the most exquisite garden imaginable.

Your energy is dissipated
by holding back feelings and emotions.
Expressing emotions irresponsibly,
judgment, gossip, guilt, shame, greed.

Stress of worrying of the future,
regret of the past,
rigid thoughts-
unchecked beliefs.

Dissipation of your energy
is feeding the weeds of your garden,
causing them to flourish,
and starving the roses you deeply value.

One day through an event, you look at your garden of life.

Asking yourself, "What happened to my garden?"
Asking yourself, "Where are my beautiful roses that I dreamt about?"
Asking yourself, "Where did all the weeds come from?"

You may believe that you had no control.
You may blame others, your bad luck,
or even God.

It is never too late to restore your garden to its beautiful potential.

Free yourself of what drains your spiritual energy.
Walk in the garden of life and smell the roses,
and attach yourself to the infinite source of energy.

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Who Am I?

I woke up in the morning and looked at the stranger in the mirror. He looked familiar.
He looked like my father; he looked like my mother. He reminded me of my sister.

I asked him, "Who are you?"
He answered, "Shervin."

I asked, "Who are your trying to be?"
He said, "I am not sure. "

"I am trying to be what my parents wanted me to be."
"I am trying to be what my teachers expected me to be."
"I am trying to be what society defined me to be."

"I am trying to be what my wife and children want me to be."
"I am trying to be what my work expects me to be."
"I am trying to be what a successful person should be."
"I am trying to be happy and in peace."

I said, "You can be safe and take a poll among your friends and use their input for happiness."
He said, "They look as confused as I am. How can I follow them?"

I said, "Find the happiest person at work and follow their path. "
He said, "I do not see many happy people. Besides, what makes them happy may not make me happy."

I said, "Follow your parent's path. Get advice from them."
He said, "They have done their best. I still do not see them happy with themselves. How can someone that has not been somewhere, take me there?"

I said, "Do you know who you are, or what you are?"
He said, "I do not know 'me' well. I have been busy meeting expectations of others, all my life.

I said, "Why you do not want to know yourself?"
He said, "Perhaps I am afraid of the unknown. Perhaps it is out of my comfort zone. Perhaps it is too painful to accept the fact that I have so many wrong beliefs about me.' Perhaps I am not used to being in control of my happiness. Perhaps I have the false belief that I do not deserve to be happy."

I said, "Do not worry. You have started something good. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
He said, "Thanks. I enjoyed the talk. Let us do it again."

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Oh my dear God.
Help me to become responsible.

Provide me the willingness to respond.
Provide me the ability to respond.
Teach me not to respond based on childhood fears or past experiences.

Teach me to respond in the now.

Remind me that recognizing anger, hurt, and resentment, is the responsible way.

Remind me that acknowledging and fully experiencing those feelings without judgment, is the responsible way.

Remind me that ignoring those feelings or putting them in a box, is not a responsible way.

Remind me that expressing my feelings by hurting others in any way, is not a responsible way.

Remind me that expressing my full feelings in a meditative way is the responsible way.

Remind me that old feelings of hurt and anger may not be washed out right away.

Provide me the courage to release those feelings for good.

Oh my dear God, let me free.
Oh my dear God, let me be in the NOW.

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My dear mother, you allowed me to grow in you.

My dear mother, you did your best to protect and nourish me.

My dear mother, you were the world to me as a child.

My dear mother, I may not need you now, but the child within me always needs you.

My dear mother, the child in me looks to you for comfort and security.

My dear mother, it is so difficult to see you aging.

My dear mother, it is very frustrating not to be able to make you happy.

My dear mother, the child within me is mourning.

My dear mother, the child within me is sad.

My dear mother, thanks for being there for me.

My dear mother, no matter what happens; you are the perfect mother for my child within

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Fear, our companion.
Fear, parent's way to protect their children.
Fear, mind's way to protect the body.
Fear, motivator of many.
Fear, we live with it all the time.
Fear, so close to us… we deny having fears!

What wakes us up in the morning? Fear or love?
What keeps us at a dreaded job? Fear or love?
What keeps us being nice to our friends? Fear or love?
What keeps us respecting our co-workers? Fear or love?
What encourages us to keep our rigid thoughts? Fear or love?

What encourages us to go to church or mosque? Fear or love?
What makes us do good deeds? Fear or love?
What makes us angry? Fear or love?
What makes us deny feeling fearful? Fear or love?
What makes us deny love? Fear or love?

Fear is a dis-ease.
Let us free ourselves from dis-ease.
Open the heart.
Listen to it.
Hear the inner voice.

Fear is gone.
Love is there.

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Role Play

Sometimes you have a dream that initially does not have a clear meaning.

Perhaps, there are other people in the dream that you may not know.

Perhaps, there are animals or objects in the dream.

People, animals, and objects, are in your dreams to help you understand your dreams.

To better understand your dream, you can re-enter your dream,
and do a role play.

You can re-enter your dream by focusing on a strong memory of your dream,
and the feelings associated with it.

When you are in your dream, you can view your dream from the point of view of other people, animals, or objects.

How do the other people in the dream see you?
How does the animal in your dream see you?
What impressions do they get from you?
What attracts them the most about you?
What do they notice about you?
Do they have something to tell you?
What do they know about your dream situation and its context?

Write down the insights you receive from the dream while doing the role play.

Keep an open mind.

Listen to your small voice inside, with no judgment.

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Valentine's Day

A day with many expectations.

A day that you are expected to show love.

A day with the expectation of receiving love.

A day when love is measured on how well you can afford things.

It is great to be appreciated and remembered on this day.

There are 364 other days that you may crave love and attention.

Who is supposed to love you and make you feel good inside all year long?

What kind of flower will bring you constant joy all year long?

What kind of chocolate will bring you constant joy all year long?

Who knows your needs the best?
Who cares about you the most?
Who can bring you joy all year long?

Do not search for the prince or princess out there.
Look in the mirror. It is YOU!

Have you cared about yourself today?
Have you gone within, to know yourself better today?
Have you told your inner child,I love you, today?

Happy Valentine's Day.

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You rush to get out bed.
You rush to say hello to your family.
You rush to take a shower.
You rush to read the paper.
You rush to eat your breakfast.

You rush to drive to work.
You rush to your meetings.
You rush to eat lunch.
You rush talking with co-workers.
You rush home during rush hour.

You rush to say hello to your neighbors in the street.
You rush to say hello to your family.
You rush to exercise.
You rush to eat dinner.
You rush to check E-mail at work.
You rush to go to bed.
You rush for the next rush.

What is the rush for?
What are you rushing to?
What are you rushing away from?
What is rushing you?
Who is rushing you?

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All rights reserved.